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Mistral Asset Finance provides specialist support in financing vehicle purchases to the bus and coach sector across the UK.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a straightforward, affordable route to ownership and for many operators this is the preferred funding option. At the start of your agreement you pay a deposit on your chosen vehicle, then throughout the duration of your agreement you pay the agreed payments over the agreed term until the remainder of its value is repaid. An optional final balloon payment can be incorporated to reduce payments through the term.

Features and Benefits
  • You will own the vehicle at the end of the finance agreement
  • Fixed regular payments mean you can easily budget
  • A flexible deposit and repayment term means you can tailor the financial agreement to suit you
  • Monthly payments are not based on annual mileage
  • The vehicle is an asset on the balance sheet, therefore tax allowances may be deducted from taxable profits
  • Payments are not subject to VAT

Seasonal Payments

A seasonal payment plan that sits alongside your HP agreement can help you manage your cash-flow through the year.

Features and Benefits
  • A monthly payment plan from Mistral Asset Finance is tailored to mirror your • busy and quiet times across the year
  • You pay less during your quieter months and more during your busier months
  • Applicable to any HP agreement
  • Flexible and tailored to your specifc needs
  • Helps manage cash-flow more effectively


Refinancing your fleet with Mistral Asset Finance enables you to inject cash into your business by releasing the equity tied up in existing vehicles. We will buy the vehicle from you and refinance it back to you over a fixed period, releasing capital for further investment into the company such as business acquisitions and deposits on new vehicles.

Features and Benefits
  • Releases cash quickly and improves cash-flow
  • Ownership of the goods returns to you upon completion of the agreement
  • Enables business to react quickly to any change in market conditions and respond to any financial problems
  • Provides the opportunity to fund expansion plans and seize new business opportunities

Operating Lease

At the start of your agreement you pay an agreed number of advance rentals upfront. Your monthly rentals are based on the difference between the initial value of the vehicle and its projected residual value at the end of your agreement. Therefore, only a proportion of the vehicle’s value is repaid, this avoids a large initial outlay and keeps monthly payments lower.

Features and Benefits
  • No large initial deposit. Pay an agreed number of advance rentals upfront
  • Fixed regular monthly rentals means you can easily budget
  • Capital expenditure is eliminated
  • Rentals are allowable against taxable profits (proportionally)
  • VAT is reclaimable depending on usage (proportionally)
  • The vehicle is not shown as an asset on the balance sheet
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